So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an Invitation to Play table. It’s not because I’ve been slacking (well…. maybe a little!)

Just before school holidays I had put out some Lego and Duplo sets for the kids, and 2 large 50 piece puzzles. The kids enjoyed it so much they kept asking to keep it out.

And, well, that’s kinda the point of having an ITP table, so I left them out as long as the kids were still engaged.


Now that we’re back into routine I wanted to change things up, but also keep a high level of engagement.

Over the holidays we ate out a little more than we usually would, and while both of mine have eating issues (different to each other, but no less frustrating) they like the idea. So I figured it might be worth a try. Plus, my Miss 4 really enjoys cooking as part of her pretend play so it was kind of a no-brainer.

To give it a slightly different feel, I included a poster that had a restaurant/dining scene, and stuck it to foam board. They also loved the addition of a real life take-away menu! It’s amazing how much they get from these little details.


Let me start off with the activity that was definitely the biggest hit this time round….


Now this was a printable that I purchased as part of a pack from Angela at Teaching Mama. It’s such a simple idea, but the kids have been going nuts over it. It did involve a bit of time with the cutting/laminating/cutting approach I took, but it’s going to be soooo worth it!

I really love the language that has come from it:

“Ah, excuse me, what do you want on your pizza?”


“Here mumma, look at the menu!”


“And would you like some gross olives with that?”


Miss 4 has been hilarious. She asks you what you want and then tells you it’s not available if it’s not something she feels like putting on the pizza! Clearly she’s not cut out for a life in retail or hospitality!!!

This is how I originally set it out. It has been interesting to see how they have re-grouped certain elements. I love seeing the way their brains work!

You could set this up in a variety of ways to get practise at gross motor skills like crossing the midline or sustained squats etc











Another thing I truly LOVE about this activity is that it is an opportunity to learn about food for my Extreme Picky Eater. She might not be ready to eat it… YET, but she certainly knows what each of the vegetables are and even asked about making a real pizza.

Progress is progress, even if it is teensy, tiny baby steps!



This Fruit & Vegetable threading activity always is enjoyed. This time I changed the way it was presented and they have had just as much fun with the serving tray

This was a very simple sensory box so I decided to include a sheet of paper that outlines each of the vegetables they can find and match















So good for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and bi-lateral coordination. Oh, and of course there is all the multi-sensory learning benefits

After getting all of the vegetables out with the tongs, Mr 4 spent a few moments just relaxing by playing with the rice and gemstones











As usual it was interesting to see their different approaches to the sensory box. It was far more contained with Mr 4, than with Miss 4, our little sensory seeker!

They really enjoyed hiding all the vegetables back in the rice.



This is another one of those activity that gets used over and over because it can be used in so many ways

The sheet on the bottom can be changed to sort by fruit type, colour, specific colour and fruit or by numbers










And, last but not least…

Its time to cut the food!


This activity has really helped with their real life knife skills!


A day or so after introducing this Invitation to Play table, the kids decided to extend the play with their own idea! It made me so happy!

They asked if they could bring out their Play-Doh Kitchen.







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