The twins have really been showing an interest in all things writing lately. So I decided to capitalise on this and make some star shaped crayons with them.


It really is as simple as:


Whenever I see a silicone mould that I like, I tend to buy two. One that I can use for food and one that I can use for non-food items. This star mould was great because it came in two different colours, which makes it so much easier to identify its purpose.

Here’s What We Did:

I like to keep a little stockpile of broken crayons. I also like to keep the crayons you get at restaurants as part of activity packs. So we used quite a few of these, and needed to add a few from our stockpile of new crayons.

Taking off the paper around the crayons is a great activity just by itself. Miss S really enjoys this, even when we’re not making crayons!

You can see the concentration required. It also helps with bi-lateral coordination and fine motor skills



It also proved a great chance to review colours. I had the kids sort them into colour groups. It gave us a chance to talk about light and dark colours and mixing colours.


I encouraged them to break them into as small a piece as they could, and then I helped by cutting some of the thicker pieces.

The smaller the size of each piece, the easier to fit them into the mould. Don’t be too concerned about spaces though as it all melts together


I love the look of pride on his face as he carries it over to the waiting baking tray


Bake in the oven at 220 C / 430 F for approximately 15 minutes.


Leave to cool for as long as required


These 2 munchkins were a bit impatient and so the first ones we popped out were still a little warm and soft

There are some great developmental skills that are used here including bi-lateral coordination and wrist rotations

They also loved exploring the different colours within the stars











They loved the rainbow effect! You could also just use one colour in each shape


And of course they had to test them out straight away!





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