Most kids in our area went back to school today. Mine are headed back tomorrow, and frankly, I’m really looking forward to that.

Now, don’t get me wrong I have had a helluva lot of fun with the kids these past 2 weeks, and we have really spent some quality time together, but I think next holidays I’m going to do some things differently.

Right now, as I sit here typing I’m tired. Like, can’t think straight tired (probably not my best idea to be writing right now, but what’s a serious mumma to do?).

It got me thinking why I feel this way.

And the answer…. cramming so much in to the school holidays.

This was one of those holidays where we weren’t going away, so I guess I equated that with pack it full of fun-filled activities for the kids so they’re not “missing out”.

In general, I have a rule that I don’t make any doctors or therapy appointments during the school holidays to give the kids (and myself) a little break.

Well, next holidays I’m making a rule too….



Now, don’t get me wrong, I really did have a lot of fun with the kids, and we got to experience a lot, but is it really worth it to be this tired just as they’re about to start school?

Here’s just a sample of all the things we packed in to the past 2 weeks:

There were loads of drawing, colouring and creating opportunities

We even had some fun using the paper cutter, and scoring cardstock to make cards











We created and sent letters and cards to friends and family

And there are loads of skills that they got to practise while doing these fun, creative activities











We visited a shopping centre that had a “Safari Zoo Adventure” and coloured in our very own backpack

We spent an afternoon at an event filled with bouncing castles and inflatable slides.












We renewed our yoga practise (which had been hard to maintain during the term

We jumped and splashed in puddles and went walking in the rain

I created an updated “Calm Down Corner” and effectively rearranged our whole living area and toy area











We visited a Butterfly House with friends

We walked our uncles dogs (or they walked us!)









We played at the park and giggled like crazy

We practised loads of physiotherapy developmental targets

We played Putt Putt Golf with friends

We went digging in the garden for ants and bugs to make an ant colony
















We also:

  • Met and fed baby goats
  • Spent time hanging out with family
  • Went to 4 discos
  • Met Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Kristoff
  • Had playdates with friends
  • Rode our scooters and balance bikes
  • Went to the cinema…TWICE
  • Had bus adventures

And I attended a 1 day workshop with Dr. Ross Greene, author of “The Explosive Child”.

No wonder I’m bone tired!

Thankfully the kids don’t seem to be feeling any effects from our schedule, so that’s great. But next holiday there is definitely going to be some down time.


Here’s My Plan for Next School Holidays:

  • At least 1 pyjama day each week
  • No rearranging the house!
  • Some quality family time that isn’t busy
  • Some “me” time
  • Reading a good book that is NOT about child development


How do you spend your holidays with your kids? Are you go, go, go or slow, slow, slow?

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