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Tape Resist Painting

I'm a huge fan of kids painting, as it is great for their development on so many levels. Think creativity, pencil grip, developing hand strength, crossing the midline, bi-lateral coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills - you name it, painting helps develop...

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Restaurant Invitation to Play Table

So, it's been a while since I've posted an Invitation to Play table. It's not because I've been slacking (well.... maybe a little!) Just before school holidays I had put out some Lego and Duplo sets for the kids, and 2 large 50 piece puzzles. The kids enjoyed it so...

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Making Crayon Stars

The twins have really been showing an interest in all things writing lately. So I decided to capitalise on this and make some star shaped crayons with them.   It really is as simple as:   Whenever I see a silicone mould that I like, I tend to buy two. One that I can...

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SMB Book Club

With new titles each month covering topics like parenting, relationships, socio-emotional development and self-care, Serious Mumma Business Book Club is the one you want to join.

We know you are already busy, so we make it as easy as pie. A week before a new book is launched, we will email you the title, a link to purchase, a brief summary and hints and tips on how to fit reading into your hectic schedule.

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Grown Ups Need Calm Down Corners Too!

For many years we’ve held the belief that our children’s behaviour is a DIRECT REFLECTION of our parenting skills, or how good of a parent we are.

Well, I’m here to tell you that is not true, or accurate.

In fact, our children’s behaviour IS NOT a reflection of our parenting skills.

But, you know what is?

OUR actions.

The way we respond and deal with our children’s behaviour is really the most accurate reflection of our parenting skills.

So, if you’re like me and have been beating yourself up, been embarrassed, ashamed and self-conscious when you’re out and about and constantly linking your self-worth as a parent to your child’s behaviour, then STOP!

Instead, judge yourself based on how you respond to your child’s needs. Judge yourself based on the way you react to your child’s behaviour.

Or better yet, don’t judge yourself at all.


The Impact of the "Emotional Load"

You know those days… The ones where you feel completely drained; just wiped out.

Well, I had one of those today.

The thing is that even though I feel this way, it’s not like I can pin it down to something particularly negative that happened necessarily.

Today wasn’t a “bad” day.

Hell, I’ve had worse! A lot, lot worse!

But the thing is, that’s really no comfort given how I’m feeling right now.

The “Emotional Load” can still hit even on the days where you don’t receive any particular bad news or negative results.

And I think sometimes we put expectations on ourselves that we should somehow come out of a day like today feeling differently. I mean it’s not like I received horrible news or anything, so why do I feel so completely drained?

Well, I’m learning that it’s ok to feel like this even on a “not bad” day.






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